What is GivePlay?
GivePlay is an app that allows users to send a gift card or money that will be redeemed and used instantly by the receiver as a gift card. GivePlay works on the premise of giving. Thus, it enables users to give and not request unlike other tools out there. 


What does send in cash mean?
Lt's say you would like to send your mom $50 for Mother's Day but does not want to choose a card she may not like or use. GivePlay enables you to send that $50 and it gets added to her GivePlay balance, where she will be able to redeem it for any gift card of her choice in our system. 


Can a receiver redeem in cash?
In short, no. At this stage, a receiver is only able to redeem the gift card sent to them and/or select the gift card of their choice in the event a sender did not select a gift card for them.


Can a receiver compound cash from different people?
Yes. Consider Beth. Her mom sends her $100 in cash and dad sends her $50 in cash. Beth's balance now will show $150. She can wait and collect more money in her balance that she can later compound and redeem to buy something more expensive.


What are the fees for the giver?
There are no associated fees for givers when they give in cash. Otherwise, givers will be charged a 3% convenience fee when they decide to select a gift card for the receiver.


What are the fees for a receiver?
There are no associated fees for receivers when they receive a gift card. Otherwise, receivers will be charged a 3% convenience fee when they redeem from cash balance by select a gift card.


Why happiness?
Years of research finds that happiness is highly correlated with generosity, gratitude, and giving. When we perform an act of generosity, our body releases hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins that are associated with happiness. While people instinctively knew, there was no an accessible, easy, and convenient way that enables us to conduct random acts of giving until GivePlay.


What are points?
Each time a giver gives, they are rewarded with a rush of happiness hormones that we have control of. On top of that, GivePlay also rewards givers with giver points.


How are points calculated?
GivePlay uses altruism to reward points. What that means is, the more altruistic the giving, the more points a giver earns. Thus, there is no correlation between the amount the giver gives and point. The correlation is the kind of giving and points.


How does GivePlay determine altruism?
GivePlay determines altruism based on the mindset of the giver on who will be the receiver. GivePlay enables users to select to one person, two or more, all of their friends or the entire GivePlay community. When the giver selects one person, then the are more specific as to who will be the receiver as opposed to when the giver selects all GivePlay community. The less the giver is specific about the receiver, the more altruistic the giving is, and thus the more points they make. To learn more about points, please refer Giver Points section at http://www.giveplay.com/givepoint


What if I select more than two receivers?
A giver is able to send to one or more friends. If a giver selects only one receiver, then the receiver will automatically receive the gift. If the giver selects more than one receiver, however, the receivers will have to play a simple wheel challenge and the first to win that challenge will earn the gift. For instance, when a giver selects two of his brothers and sends $10 Starbucks gift card, both brothers will receive notification in their email and on the app to play a wheel challenge. The first one to play and win that challenge will take the $10 Starbucks gift card.


What if no one wins the challenge?
The giver is only charged when they selected one receiver or when there is a definite winner (when giver selects two or more receivers). Thus, when a giver selects two or more receivers and they all get the chance to play and no one wins, then the sender is not charged the amount.