Unleash the untapped potential of


transform them into powerful incentives for customer engagement.

Engage and RewardSimply align with an engagement initiative

Sales Promo


Launch Campaign

Integrated Data

360° Insight

Sales promos, such as discounts, result in no meaningful customer insight, besides transactional & checkout metrics—leaving many businesses stuck in a cycle of reactionary race to the bottom with constant markdowns

GivePlay helps you escape the spiral by transforming promotional sales offers

such as discounts, rewards points, rebates, and free giveaways into effective incentives for customer engagement and Insights.

More Engagement

More Data

Deeper Insight

Better CX

Delight CustomersGrow your business

Brand Engagement

Leverage your sales promos to Cultivate brand awareness, loyalty, and advocacy

Foster brand loyalty by incentivizing and rewarding customers with high quality and brand-right sales offers. You don't stop there, support loyal customers across the finish line to brand advocacy and have them rave about you as they share your story as well as invite their friends and families to join them through fun and engaging brand campaigns.

CX Gap Analysis

Meet customer expectations by discovering and addressing gaps in their journey.

Discover gaps that arise from a disconnect between your customers’ perception about your company, team knowledge, your approach to enablement, or/and communication with them. Gain actionable insight on CX blind spots and improve what customers see and what happens backstage.

Customer Feedback

Build customer centric mindsets with product and service feedback

Go beyond their needs and pain points and give them what they love. Arm yourself with a good understanding of what your customers really want by proactively engaging with them and using that understanding to their delight. Use GivePlay to incentivize them in order to tell you what motivates them and gain insight into actions you can take to break away from the pack.

Sentiment Analysis

Delve into sentiment and predictive analytics through recurring mini-campaigns

Entice your customers to engage with you on a regular basis such as daily, weekly, or monthly. Use this feature to monitor real-time shifts in their sentiment and behaviors as well as to build models for predictive analytics.

360° Customer Journey

Tie your engagement and sales efforts with a single campaign

Take your insight beyond the engagement of your customers with your campaigns and extend the line of visibility to the actions they take with your incentives. Track their behavior in regards to your offers and learn about if and when they redeem your offers as well as whether they redeem them in person or online through your website or mobile app.

Segment and Personalize

marketing and engagement efforts unique to the needs and circumstances of your buyers

GivePlay allows you to use your incentives to simply ask your customers what about your business, campaign, or offers is working and what is not. Use this invaluable readily available insight to create segmentations as well as to optimize your campaigns and offers. It’s just as simple as that.